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ITC Compliance
Sunday 29th March 2020 10:24am
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We are proud of the clients we work with and value their feedback.

Here are a few of our favourites:

I am a huge advocate of what ITC have put together and I think if you speak with any of their Motor Dealer clients they will agree. They have listened to their customers, of which Jigsaw are one, and have developed a great CCD solution....It does not matter which or how many finance companies you deal with it will provide you with extra CCD protection and keep you out of the clutches of the claims management companies. Taking the ITC Consumer Credit system really is a 'no brainer' for dealers.

Kurt Bradbury
Sales Director
Jigsaw Finance

Simon Barrass, Group F & I Director at JCT600 has tested the ITC Consumer Credit software and will be rolling it out to all JCT600 sites in January 2011.

"The system ticks all the boxes for us and is a vital added safety net; especially because the Financial Ombudsman deals with Consumer Credit complaints. As a group we deal with 14 different finance houses all of which have provided us with great CCD systems but obviously none of them can provide us with an audit trail showing how we arrived at the decision to propose the customer to them. In my opinion ITC's initiative to provide this free software can only be good for dealers."

Simon Barrass
Group F & I Director

FSA Compliance fell under my remit in late 2007 and I was very unsure of what I needed to do. I contacted ITC for initial advice and they were extremely helpful and informative. So much so that 9 months later we have trained over 70 staff members, using one of the easiest, web-based training packages we have ever used. I also have a manager's function on the training database that allows me to monitor the training progress of all my colleagues. New licences are set up very efficiently and ITC are always at the end of the phone to provide guidance and assistance. We now use the database and the training software to complete our quarterly sales observations. Our relationship with, and the assistance we have received from, ITC has allowed us to significantly improve our FSA compliance, and we would recommend ITC, and their software/training package, to any company that takes their regulatory responsibilities seriously.

Dianne Keavey
Group Admin Controller/FSA Compliance Manager
Macrae and Dick Ltd

We were recommended to ITC by our partners CarCare Group shortly before FSA regulations became effective in early 2005. The system looks and functions quite differently today when compared to our original launch programs and this is largely due to ITCs ability and desire to listen and respond to the need to develop and change. We have always found ITC to be helpful and willing to discuss our needs and where appropriate changes have been instigated very efficiently. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Sean Friedman
Bestodeck Ltd

F Cross originally joined ITC back in 2006 as an Appointed Representative.  Although we outsourced the majority of our compliance needs, understandably there were still a few things we had to administer, which involved a lot of paper.  Since then the process has been widely developed with modern, easy to use technology introduced.  This is largely due to ITC's ability and desire to listen and respond to the need to develop and change.  I tested the system back in May 2008 and quickly implemented it  within our organisation.  The system is very straight forward and was embraced by our sales team.  From a management perspective  the system allows me to access a significant amount of management information which is crucial when developing a business.
The system is 'live' and enables you to deal with the customers needs accurately, eliminating misunderstood D&N's, lost paper work and saving time at the end of the month 'chasing' and putting all the information together for my monthly return.
I highly recommend the E-D&N system and find it is a most valuable tool to our business.  I would suggest ditching paper based and freeing up more time to do what we do best.

Richard Frost
Group Business Manager
F Cross

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