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ITC Compliance
Friday 18th September 2020 11:18am
T: 0845 177 22 66
F: 0845 177 22 55

About ITC

So what is or are ITC?

ITC are an Independent General Insurance Compliance Network…

What does independent mean?

The independent part means that ITC do not direct its members to work with any particular product provider. Providing ITC can be assured of the suitability of an insurance provider they are happy for their members to make their own business decisions.

"What's a General Insurance Compliance Network?

For many firms, large or small, the burden of being Directly Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for their General Insurance activity is either too onerous, too risky or in many cases simply does not fit with their business strategy. With ever changing and increasing Financial Services regulation this is very often the case for organisations where selling General Insurance is secondary to their main business activity. The ITC Network provides a safe and simple alternative to being Directly Authorised by the FCA.

ITC have Network members ranging from the very largest household names to sole traders operating very modest businesses. A full list of firms ITC deal with can be found on the FCA register With over 1700 retail outlets across the UK ITC are a truly national business, benefiting from a fully employed field based support team, backed up with in-house Compliance, Training, IT, Finance and Customer Service departments at its head office in Bristol.

ITC Compliance has been trading for over 10 years growing from strength to strength. Investing in the business has been key to ITCs success, from the in house development of IT systems, ITC have nine employed developers; to growing a balance sheet ensuring all regulatory required capital can be covered in cash. Whether it be infrastructure, financial stability or track record; ITC stand alone in the General Insurance Network sector.

To find out more about how ITC can help to reduce the burden of regulation for your business click here to find all the ways to make contact.

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