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ITC Compliance
Thursday 5th December 2019 5:35pm
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Ten questions you MUST ask of a compliance supplier before joining their network

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A number of compliance suppliers have a poor credit rating, which ultimately could put you at risk if you join them. Please see for a low cost method of finding the credit rating of a particular company.

ITC Compliance has an A Grade credit rating

This is a true measure not only of the ability of a Principal firm to perform under pressure and be seen to be doing what they say they will do for you but also that their processes and procedures have been checked. Remember anybody can set up as a Network.

This is a hot compliance issue that is set to become even more important and potentially very costly to dealers. Experience and real resource in this area is vital.

ITC Compliance has handled many claims from claims management companies and has enjoyed an enviable success rate. Indeed, in one case, the claims management company had to pay us money. ITC currently have three full time members of staff combating complaints on behalf of its Network members!

A substantial Network will be on three monthly reporting. This means that they are more closely scrutinised, and you can be assured that they have both the capital and resources to manage your account as it should be.

ITC Compliance reports every 3 months to the FCA. We have a great working relationship with the FCA which is especially useful for complex queries.

Nobody knows your business and your customers better than you. So why should someone else dictate what you sell? What would happen if a great new product entered the market from a rival supplier and you were not able to take advantage of it?

ITC Compliance Network members are free to sell whatever products they wish (as long as the supplier is FCA authorised)

You don't want to be reliant upon someone travelling from the other end of the country to see you once in a blue moon.

ITC Compliance has a nationwide team of 14 compliance professionals. We have clients in all but two UK postcode districts (and we’re working on those!)

Don't be fobbed off with 'Our systems are such that we don’t need many people.' It takes humans to tell systems what to do, keep them current and to provide a personalised service to you and your staff.

ITC Compliance employs 22 staff at its head office in Bristol. The team is comprised of experts in Customer Support, IT, Legal and Finance

Every dealer is different: be careful that you are not ‘shoehorned’ into a process that suits the supplier rather than one that suits you.

ITC Compliance provides three different routes for dealers covering advised and non-advised sales with the option of Electronic Demands & Needs and Electronic Signature Pads

This will help you get a feel for the technology behind the supplier and their penetration of the motor sector. Their expertise, if you like.

ITC Compliance provide this benchmarking facility which is an excellent tool for identifying how you compare with other similar sized sites and highlighting where in your process sales are lost. They then assist their dealers with ‘real’ examples of what works not just opinion.

If not, then what does this tell you about their attention to detail?

ITC Compliance provide free Professional Indemnity Insurance relating to FCA regulated activity to the required level (subject to status)

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